Frenzy Over New Sunless Tanners

Stores Struggle to Keep This Amazing New Sunless Tanner In Stock

By Amanda • April 17, 2024

Amaze yourself with the newest
generation of tanners.
The sunless tan: It is truly the one fashion that never seems to go out of style.

Celebrities love it, doctors recommend it, and it has been the secret to a youthful glow for years.

In 1923, French style icon Coco Chanel “accidentally” developed a tan while on her yacht in France. She later admitted that she simply stayed in the sun “tad” too long. But it was too late, her disclaimer failed to keep the look of tanned skin from catching on like wildfire.

Almost 100 years later, tanned skin and that healthy sun kissed glow is more popular than ever. In fact, most people now find that they like a bit of a healthy glow all the time, not just at the peak of swimsuit season.

There is no denying a suntan’s amazing ability to hide skin imperfections, diminish the appearance cellulite, conceal broken blood vessels, spider veins, varicose veins, and wrinkles. In fact, a tan can quickly and easily make you appear 10lbs thinner.

But, we also know that the suns deadly rays cause premature aging, wrinkles, sunspots and in many cases skin cancer. Getting a tan from the sun is really no longer an option.

So, is it possible to get that gorgeous and natural looking sun kissed appearance without the suns harmful rays?

Look, we’ve all been embarrassed by using a sunless tanner that left us orange, streaky, stinky or greasy and swearing that we would never use a sunless tanner again.

Finally, a new generation of sunless tanners has arrived; delivering flawless and natural looking, streak free tans. Modern research has recently provided us with dramatically improved ingredients and highly effective formulations. These newest formulations of sunless tanners are painstakingly researched and precisely blended to provide a very natural and healthy looking tan.

The days of the “fake tan” are gone and you can finally get an unbelievably realistic tan from these newest sunless tanners.

But beware, not all of these new sunless tanners are created equally.

Here’s what to look for in the best of these newest generation of tanners:

  1. Find a sunless tanning lotion (not a gel, mousse or spray) that is formulated to be used on your body as well as on your face and on all skin types and tones.

  2. Look for a sunless tanner that contains proven moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like Matrixyl, Hydrolyzed Collagen, and Aloe.

  3. Try to find a tinted sunless tanner. They provide instant color and are easier to apply.

  4. Avoid alcohol-based tanners. They are extremely drying to the skin.

  5. Avoid Drug store and department store tanners. The longer a tanner sits on the shelf the more likely you are to get lackluster results. The active tanning ingredient has a very limited lifespan. Try to buy on the web or directly from the manufacturer.

There is only one sunless tanner on the market that has all of the above requirements.  It has been the secret of celebrities and dermatologists for years, but it is now available directly to you. 

It’s called Tan Physics True Color and it is the #1 Rated Sunless Tanner.

Tan Physics True Color protects and nourishes your skin while providing a tan that must be seen to be believed. 

It is finally nice to know that tanned looking skin doesn't require a few days in the sun or a series of visits to the dreaded tanning bed. It’s also nice to know that your sunless tan no longer needs to come with streaks, smells and orange looks.

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